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Artistic Wall Art Collages feature your athlete or hobbyist in action photography with creative art work combining multiple images into one finished piece.  


Artistic Wall Art Collages may be created with photographs taken during a portrait session or may be a collection of images taken of your athlete in action.  Action photographs may be taken during a game or competition including warm-ups or may be captured in a staged setting.  


There is a session and design fee for my time to capture the photographs and create the art work. This fee may be divided amongst other athletes on a team when the images are taken during the same game or session time.


The Artistic Wall Art Collages are available in 16x20 and 24x30 luster prints mounted on styrene or as Metal Wall Art mounted on a Foam Float for easy installation.


The design fee for Artistic Wall Art Collages is included with your Creative or Enthusiast Session Investment.

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 A Few More Things...

  • Client is responsible for reserving any specific location for a session other than a public place.

  • While reserving the location please be sure to get the proper permissions including all equipment allowed.

  • Client is responsible for any entrance fees and or permit fees for a remote location. 

  • *I guarantee satisfaction on all prints and products ordered through my site.

  • If client chooses to print elsewhere I will not be liable for the quality in which the images may be produced.

  • All images are copyrighted and may not be altered or cropped in any way

  • Screen shots are prohibited