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Rosie’s Radiant & Nostalgic Senior Images

Meet Rosie, a talented volleyball player graduating in the spring from Kaneland High School, and attending Aurora University in the fall. Her story intertwines with mine from the days when I used to drive her on the school bus. It's incredible how time has flown, and now, I found myself behind the lens, documenting a pivotal moment in her life – her senior photo session.

Rosie’s session unfolded on a picture-perfect day, not too cold, with the colors seamlessly transitioning from summer to fall. As the session began, we couldn't help but share a few laughs, reminiscing about the old bus stories from her younger years. It was a delightful start, setting the tone for a session filled with warmth and nostalgia.

Having had the privilege of photographing Rosie and her sister a few years back, this session felt like a beautiful continuation of our times together. Rosie had a variety of fun outfit choices, from girly floral dresses to a classic black and denim look to a cozy fall sweater. I love that she was able to express herself and her personal style through the looks that she chose. 

We had an absolutely magical time adventuring through the woods and fields to find the perfect locations in which to freeze time. Rosie is so gorgeous and her natural beauty shone bright during our session. 

As the sun began to set, it illuminated the fields and trees and created golden hues. This time of day is so fun to be creative in, and Rosie and I had so much fun capturing both playful and serious shots.

Rosie embraced the idea of adding a Box Session to her studio experience. We seamlessly integrated her passion for volleyball into the session, capturing not just still moments but the dynamic energy that defines her on the court. 

Something that I loved about Rosie’s session was her joyful energy and sweet smile. She is simply stunning and has the kindest heart, and it came through in her photos. 

Volleyball is such an important part of Rosie’s life that it was vital that we captured it in her session. It was fun to see her in her natural element, doing something that brings her so much joy. I love being able to capture seniors doing things that make them happy and that they’ve worked so hard at - what an honor!  

Custom composites, including the Senior favorite LOFT artwork, added a touch of individuality to the collection. From game day intensity to big smiles, Rosie effortlessly navigated through a variety of poses and expressions. Rosie will be continuing her volleyball career at Aurora University, so it was extra special to be able to document her accomplishments thus far and look forward to the ones ahead.

It was truly an honor to be able to capture Rosie’s senior year and create images that will last a lifetime, especially because I've had the joy of knowing her since she was young. Congratulations, and I wish you all the best as you continue on your journey post graduation! 

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