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Senior Banners

The Senior and/or Varsity Banner Program is an exciting program to honor your High School Seniors for dedicating endless hours of practice as well as committing to be the best athlete that they can be at their sport. By creating this Artistic Banner, your Senior will feel proud and rewarded for representing your school to the highest of their abilities. They are only Seniors once and will take these moments of creating memories, relationships & comradery as they become your next Alumni of your school.

There are endless options of what I am able to produce for your school, parents and athletes. These images may feature Team Name, Athlete's Name, Athlete's Number & Year. Colors are customized to match team colors. Many more options are available. I can create a custom background for your images and am always  looking for new ways to express my creativity by adding new templates throughout the year.

Artistic Senior Banners

Team Artistic Photography may be used to create prints, products and banners. An artistic team banner may be created of a team, featuring your Seniors. In the team banners, all athletes from a team are featured. I also offer 13x19 posters of the team that will include sponsor logos & game dates. These posters may be distributed to your sponsors as well as posted around town for fans to see and know when to support the team.

Colors are customized to match team colors and may include Name of High School, Team Name, Name of Sport, Jersey Number, Name of Athlete, and School Logo if provided. Banners can be customized to include sponsor logos provided by the team. Sponsor plaques & mini banners are also available for purchase.

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Best Senior Banner

Sync Sports Awards

Michelle Conklin Photography was awarded first place by the SYNC Awards, a celebration of photography through image competition.

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Senior and/or Varsity Banner Pricing

The pricing chart below is for individual banners. The discounted pricing is based on all of the Seniors/Team being present for the photo session date scheduled. Price breaks are given as an incentive for the team being present on one session date.

Banner Size

Pricing for Multiple Sessions

Pricing for One Entire Team Present at Studio on same date

Pricing for Three or more Teams, all athletes present on same session date
(Athletes images taken at Studio)













*3x5 and larger banners have the option of a double image

*Pricing subject to change

Additional Services

I am a full-service photographer assisting you from the moment we initially speak to the day I deliver your heirloom custom collection and beyond for years to come. 

I believe in building relationships and hope to bring joy into your home by creating images that will give you a happy heart every time you walk by your photographs in your home.

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