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Saje’s Casual & Athletic Senior Pictures

Meet Saje, a Hinkley-Big Rock High School Senior who will be graduating in the spring. Saje is a kind individual who loves all things baseball, golf, and fishing. During his senior photos, we focused on a studio session that emphasized his casual style, and baseball composites to show his passion for the sport. 

It was no surprise when he chose the word "RESPECT" for his custom LOFT image. Saje's choice spoke volumes about his character — he values the principles of respect and integrity, which was made clear during his session. The composite images we created together show not only his love for the sport, but also the dedication and the hard work he has put in over the years. 

In the studio, we created a variety of images to celebrate Saje, and the incredible accomplishment that graduating high school is! He was a natural in front of the camera; relaxed yet confident. We created images in a variety of poses that let his character shine.

I love when seniors bring wardrobe pieces they are most comfortable in, and for Saje it was his comfy sweatshirt and backwards baseball hat. His personality truly shone through and his blue eyes were sparkling. To future seniors, I encourage you to choose outfits that reflect your personality and style. Saje's session was a testament to the magic that happens when authenticity meets the lens. 

Saje’s athleticism and determination were so much fun to photograph, he was a joy to have in the studio! It was a pleasure capturing the spirit of such a respectful and genuine senior and I look forward to seeing the bright future that awaits him. Congratulations, Saje! 

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