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Ashton Animal Clinic: Headshots for a Compassionate Staff & Their Furry Friends

The Ashton Animal Clinic is a place that exudes love and care for the community’s furry companions. It was my pleasure to work alongside their team to showcase the animals' personalities and the dedicated staff who nurture them.

I worked with the team to capture images of each member as well as a group photo. We had lots of fun, and plenty of endearing moments with the dogs and cats at the shoot.

Lynda Gould, Owner & Veterinarian at Ashton Animal Clinic, kindly said “Michelle was enthusiastic and flexible with our unique project and provided an excellent end product. Thanks so much for the fantastic photos for our business!!”

It was wonderful to spend time with the professionals at Ashton Animal Clinic. Their passion for animals, both their own and the ones that come to the clinic, was so apparent. These dedicated professionals are the backbone of the clinic, tirelessly caring for animals and ensuring their well-being.

Getting to capture images of the staff and their beloved pets was truly a joy. I always love when clients bring their pets to their sessions because it helps capture a special part of who they are - and this shoot was no different. Seeing the staff and their pets’ personalities shine through will surely warm the heart of the clinic’s human clients and reassure them that their furry friends are in great hands.

A genuine thank you to Ashton Animal Clinic for allowing me the privilege to take their headshots.

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