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Capturing Personality: Senior Photo Ideas

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

The best senior photo ideas are those that allow for the senior’s personality and passions to shine.

We began creating energetic Olivia's 2022 Senior Portrait Collection in the studio playing with lighting and backdrops, pulling in props to show her love of singing, cheering, and having fun. We also integrated a Box Shot session, where Olivia’s talents and interests are all on display in a playful compilation.

We headed to Cantigny on a beautiful day for her outdoor Classic Session. Olivia's gorgeous hair and sparkling eyes were captured along with her high-spirited personality.

I am so excited for the amazing year ahead for you Olivia! Enjoy your Senior year to the fullest!

-Michelle Conklin

If you are looking for senior photo ideas, think about the things that make your senior who they are. Are they silly, studious, athletic, creative, or (most likely) a combination of things? What do they love doing? Where do they enjoy spending time? These things can help shape the location, theme and general tone of the photography session.

One type of portrait that is popular with our seniors are Box Shots, because so many aspects of the student’s personality and passions can be captured in one image. In Olivia’s photo session, her diverse interests and sweet personality shine through. Box shots give us an opportunity to play around with different poses, props and outfits. It’s a good time!

Also think about the location of the photo session. Outside photos provide gorgeous, natural lighting, and can provide a stunning backdrop for senior portraits. In-studio portraits allow for total control of the environment, and enable some dramatic, moody photography.

The main takeaway is, if you’re thinking about senior photo ideas, consider the many facets of your senior and find a photographer who is committed to capturing their uniqueness!

If you have any questions about senior photography, send a message.

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