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Evin’s Passion-Driven Graduation Images

Meet Evin, a Leland High School Senior graduating this upcoming spring. Evin is an impressively dedicated and versatile senior, so our session included a wide variety of shots to capture the different aspects of his personality.

We visited a variety of locations, from the white barn to the studio to some time in the box! Evin also brought some incredibly stylish outfits that brought his personality to life. Evin's senior session was a whirlwind of energy, athleticism, and personal interests.

One unique element to Evin’s graduation images was that he brought along his treasured green dirt bike. We ventured to the White Barn property for these images, which was a perfect backdrop that complemented the rugged charm of Evin's dirt bike. It was such a gift to capture him with something that brings him so much joy.

At this point in the session, we headed for the studio to create images that showcased Evin’s passion for shoes. We also took some images In the Box, where Evin’s love for different sports and shoes was on full display.

Next, we captured some classy images in the studio. Evin brought a stylish suit and bow tie. We tried out a variety of sophisticated poses, including some in a sleek black chair, and Evin did an incredible job.

Evin is a multisport athlete with a love for soccer, basketball, and baseball, and brought a dynamic energy to the studio. The images from this portion of the session not only reflected his athleticism but also highlighted the determination and focus that define him as an athlete.

We captured images in his green and black baseball uniform, with a baseball labeled “2024,” representing his graduation year. This will be an image to treasure for many years to come and marks Evin’s impressive accomplishments.

Next, we captured images in his basketball uniform, which also highlighted his fun basketball shoes. Evin had such fun energy in the studio, which made him a joy to work with.

And of course, we had to capture images in Evin’s soccer uniform. His high school soccer team just won The Little 10 Conference this past 2023 Fall Season, an impressive feat! We were able to use the trophies in his images - what an honor! The joy and accomplishment that emanated from Evin during this session were palpable, and it is clear how hard he has worked for this.

To celebrate his love for sports and accomplishments on the field and court, we created locker room images that composite all of his different interests into a beautifully crafted image. We added fire to some of his shots to represent the passion he has for the sports, and his athletic power.

The images created during Evin's senior session tell the story of a senior with a love for sports, an eye for style, and a passion for dirt biking. These images aren't just photographs; they are collectively a visual memoir of his high school years. It was an honor to create his graduation images, and so enjoyable as a photographer to freeze time while Evin brought his passions to life.

Thank you, Evin, for the opportunity to create your graduation images. I wish you the absolute best as you continue to do great things after graduation.

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