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Family Photo Ideas: Sweet, spontaneous moments

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Family Photo Ideas from Michelle Conklin Photography

"This incredible family, full of love and adornment, were so fun to photograph for their family session! We ventured about the grounds letting the kiddos be kiddos and captured some adorable moments between them all. I loved creating this collection of timeless photographs for The Watie Family and am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you all!"
- Michelle Conklin, Photographer

Often my favorite family photos are those that are captured while children are free to have fun and interact naturally with their family and environment, like the Watie Family’s photo session. I think the key to finding family photo ideas that fit with your unique family is in finding a place that allows everyone to feel comfortable being their authentic selves.


I always find nature to be a beautiful backdrop for family photos. While many families opt for spring and summer photo sessions, fall is a great time to capture the warmer red, orange and yellow tones from turning leaves. Winter can also provide a stunning backdrop of white, and give families a fun opportunity to create a color palette with their hats, scarves and coats.

Family Photo Ideas from Michelle Conklin Photography

A Special Venue

Did spouses meet at the Cantigny or have their first date along the Fox River? Was the first time your baby saw a goat at a local farm? Think about places that have meaning when trying to come up with fun family photo ideas and consider a family photo session at one of those meaningful locations.

Family Photo Ideas from Michelle Conklin Photography

Family Photo Styling Ideas

The location for family photos is not the only thing that can make a family photo session successful. Wardrobe ideas for family photos is one of the topics fielded by family photo session photographers regularly. The colors, patterns and formality of outfits for family photos can make an image pop or fizzle. The Michelle Conklin Family Photo Guide is included for clients and offers guidance for wardrobe and other elements to consider for your family photo ideas.

A successful family photo session should be planned with each unique family in mind, so the photographs represent that family and the love they share. If smiles are genuine and the personalities of the family shine through, that’s a successful family photo day!

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