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Grace: Senior Photos of a Dedicated Cheerleader

Grace is a vibrant Oswego East High School senior with an amazing sense of style. I greatly enjoyed taking her Senior Portraits!

We visited a variety of backdrops at our location during her session, including this unique building. Grace’s casual outfit and gorgeous maroon sweater looked great against the textural background and her blonde curls.

Grace was a natural in front of the camera. We captured images in a variety of poses and expressions, showing many sides of her sweet personality.

We also visited a beautiful outdoor field with robust greens and yellows. Grace’s natural beauty and her soft green dress were perfect among the scenery.

Grace is simply stunning against any backdrop, so we had a blast visiting different locations and capitalizing on a variety of beautiful, natural scenery.

The soft light, vibrant greens, and saturated color of this bridge created a wonderful harmony for these images. Grace simply glows.

She also chose this fun outfit with a pop of bright pink that matched the pink backdrop we used later in the studio. We made sure to visit the water as the sun was setting, which reflected beautifully in the water behind her.

We had so much fun in the studio, capturing images in front of a bright backdrop that matches Grace’s exuberant personality. For this portion of the session, she chose an darling floral babydoll dress. I loved her outfit choices because they photographed well while also having lots of personality.

Grace is an impressive competitive cheerleader; she is a Cheer Summit National Champion and a NCA All Star National Champion.

For her cheer images, we photographed her with dramatic, edgy lighting, and then created some sparkling composites that played off of her cheer uniform.

She is clearly a hardworking young lady, with impressive championship titles under her belt to prove it. It was an honor to photograph her and celebrate her accomplishments.

Grace chose The Loft to display her collection of bows from her years of cheerleading. The word she decided to display was “success” which perfectly sums up all of her hard work and dedication to the sport.

One of the images of Grace, called “Taking A Moment” won an Award of Excellence. This photo shows her looking pensively at the camera. I think that Senior Images are a fantastic way to reflect on a seniors’ high school experience, all that they’ve accomplished, and where they are heading next.

Congratulations Grace! Thank you for the opportunity to create your Senior Portraits, and I hope you enjoy the last few moments of your senior year and beyond!



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