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Kyra: Creative Photography for a Stunning Senior Student-Athlete

Kyra is a 2023 Kaneland High School senior that I have known for a long time, so this Senior Portrait session was so special to me! When Kyra and her sister were young, I used to drive them to school every morning on my school bus route.

Getting to see her grow up to be a mature and gorgeous senior has been a joy, and capturing her photos was truly an honor for me.

Kyra’s sparkling eyes and darling freckles had to be captured perfectly. Her beauty shines through her bright and warm smile. She did a great job picking out fun outfits that displayed her personality and worked beautifully with a variety of outdoor backgrounds.

I love to help seniors see themselves for the powerful people they are by using creative photography to magnify their passions and interests. One of my favorite ways to do this is by creating an image where the senior is “painted” on the white barn behind them. In Kyra’s portrait, her passion for softball is honored in this timeless image.

Kyra is a dedicated softball player, so we included a variety of softball images in her Senior Photos Session. We captured her on the field as the sun was setting, which created soft and warm photos that showcased both her beauty and athleticism.

I also had the chance to create Kyra’s Senior Banner, which showcases her dedication to her sport. I hope you have a stellar season, Kyra, and enjoy your last stretch of senior year! I wish you nothing but the best as you head to Kiswaukee Community College in the fall.



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