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Leah’s Powerful Cheerleading & Graduation Photos

As a senior photographer, I am often inspired by the accomplishments of these seniors at their young ages. Leah, a three-time Cheer Summit National Champion and three-time NCA All-Star National Championship & Cheer Sport Champion is undoubtedly an inspiring senior. Taking her graduation photos was truly an honor for me.

Leah is graduating from Batavia High School this spring, and hopes to attend a college in a warmer climate. For her first location, we headed to the studio. She chose a sophisticated yet feminine suit that created a mature and professional look.

Leah’s unique blend of kindness and determination sets her apart, which I wanted to capture in her images. We created a modern, classy set to complement this sweet and hardworking young woman. Her determined spirit shines through.

Of course, Leah’s graduation photos would not be complete without cheer images. Not only is she a decorated cheerleader, she is also truly passionate about the sport. It was an honor to learn more about her love for cheer as we created a variety of images in the studio, showcasing her sparkly uniform, the rings that document her accomplishments, and her beautiful smile!

After spending time in the studio, we transitioned to two outdoor locations, the first being the White Barn. As many of you may know, the White Barn is an absolute favorite for both my clients and I because of its serenity, beautiful textures, and variety of backdrops.

For this portion of her graduation photos, Leah chose an adorable denim and black outfit that was simple and sophisticated, and provided a nice contrast to her beautiful blonde hair. She is simply gorgeous and has poise and grace beyond her years.

As you can see, the White Barn offers a variety of different backdrop options, each with their own personality. I love that the simple, natural backdrops let the seniors truly shine. While the background and surroundings complement Leah, she is still clearly the star.

The setting lent itself perfectly to a range of outfits, allowing us to explore different facets of Leah’s personality. Here, she chose an white dress with white boots - she has so much personality! Though her outfits changed, one thing remained consistent throughout the day: her charm, poise, and grace.

Leah also wanted images in her cap and gown, which will serve as a lasting reminder of her high school years and all that she accomplished during that time, from school to cheerleading and beyond! Her images are truly so special and are wonderful to share with friends and family to commemorate her incredible journey.

Leah also brought a simple black outfit with a flowing silk skirt. The photos created in this outfit are timeless, sophisticated, and will undoubtedly be treasured for years to come.

After our time at the White Barn, we headed to Batavia on the river, one of my favorite locations in Batavia. Here, we continued to create memorable images that showcased Leah's style, sophistication, and ever-present radiant smiles.

I love how we ended up with so many different images that all have a unique look and feel to them. You can see so many different facets of Leah’s personality shine through.

As the sun began to set, we captured Leah’s radiant smile in front of the water, which created a stunning natural backdrop for our final few images. The reflections in the water made for a tranquil, peaceful background for these photos.

Leah's graduation photos encapsulate her dedication, passion, and the joy she brings to her life and her sport. As a photographer, capturing these moments of grace, elegance, and spirit is what makes my job so rewarding. I love getting to witness a bit of each senior’s life and capture it through my lens. Leah exudes a magnetic charisma that will undoubtedly serve her as she continues towards her goals and dreams after high school. Congratulations, Leah!

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