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Madeline’s Vibrant High School Senior Pictures

Madeline is a joyful, vibrant senior graduating from Wheaton North High School in the spring. She is incredibly talented and is involved in a variety of artistic activities, including dancing and playing the flute in the Marching Band and Jazz Band.

Her high school senior pictures were a kaleidoscope of colors, laughter, and pure joy. Madeline shared her outfits with me in advance so we could coordinate her fun wardrobe with the beautiful spaces at Cantigny Park. Her outfits were thoughtfully planned and represented different parts of her personality; from a sophisticated red dress to a classic black and white ensemble to a dainty floral dress.

One of my favorite spots was this vibrant orange door we found that perfectly complemented Madeline’s gorgeous floral dress. Her beautiful smile shines so bright!

Madeline was incredibly open to my creative direction, and also came with wonderful ideas of her own. Her genuine and open demeanor allowed for a seamless collaboration, and it quickly became apparent that this session would be one for the books. Our time together was the perfect example of how high school senior pictures can be an inspiringly creative collaboration.

One of my favorite things to do in a session is to just play! Trying out different poses, expressions and locations is not only fun, but it also leads to some unexpected yet beautiful combinations.

The session was filled with Madeline's infectious smiles which radiated warmth and enthusiasm. Cantigny Park, with its sprawling landscapes and flower-studded backdrops, provided the perfect stage for her high school senior pictures. From lush gardens to peaceful koi ponds to boldly colored decorative accents, we explored every whimsical corner and nook of the park.

Madeline brought her flute, which was the perfect prop to embody her passion for music and band. She is a hardworking individual who has embraced the busy schedule that comes with such dedication to her passions, and it was a joy to capture that through my lens.

One standout element of Madeline's session was the inclusion of a vibrant yellow chair. This prop added an element of playfulness to the session, and we decided to embrace the whimsy with some fun poses. The result was a series of images that captured not only Madeline's joy but also the lightheartedness of our session.

Madeline also brought a bright pink top that was just gorgeous with a backdrop of greens and bright florals. I loved capturing her sitting peacefully among the blooms. As the sun set, we were grateful recipients of the most stunning, warm sky that was the perfect backdrop for the end of our session.

Madeline is a beautiful senior whose joy is absolutely radiant. Our session was an experience filled with laughter, creativity, and connection. Her images are a testament to her lovely spirit, and Madeline and her family will be able to cherish them for a lifetime.

Thank you, Madeline, for allowing me the honor of taking your high school senior pictures. I wish you nothing but the best in your post-graduate years!



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