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Michelle Conklin Photography’s Award-Winning Photographs from the 2023 SYNC Conference

I am thrilled to share that my photographs have been recognized with a series of awards from the 2023 SYNC Conference. This annual event for photographers, digital artists, studio owners, and industry service providers focuses on high school seniors and youth sports, bringing together a community of like-minded professionals. Together, participants learn and inspire each other with business and life opportunities.

Nine of my photos were chosen as award-winning photographs at the conference. I am so honored to have been recognized with these accolades among a group of exceptionally talented and creative individuals.

I truly enjoy capturing the talents of high school seniors and the activities that they participate in. Creating these unique portraits, whether it be through my Artistic Wall Art, Senior Banners, or a custom In the Box session, is such meaningful work to me.

Eight photos were awarded the Award of Excellence. Each of the portraits selected is unique and stunning in its own right. The award-winning photos include sports compositions, senior portraiture, and an In the Box collage. The titles of the eight photos are “1-6-3 Double Play,” “Taking a Moment,” “Captivating,” “Quite the Character,” “Start Match,” “Submerge,” “Swimmer Engrossed,” and “Wrestling Senior.”

One photo titled “For the Love of the Game” was recognized as the second-place winner for the category High School Senior Group. This is a captivating artistic piece that uniquely juxtaposes seniors in formal attire with their love of playing sports.

Award Winning Photography by Michelle Conklin Photography from 2023 SYNC Conference

I work tirelessly to perfect my craft, and it is such an honor to tell the stories of the high school seniors and their families who trust me to take their photos. I believe that these photos are not just capturing moments but creating art that stands the test of time.

If you are interested in senior photos, senior banners, sports team photos, or any of my other specialty session types, please reach out!



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