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Nathan: High School Senior Portraits Kick Off the Next Chapter

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Only a few weeks left of high school for this Aurora Christian senior! Before he heads off to his next adventure, we spent time around town, in my studio and in the place he's most comfortable - on the football field.

In spending quite a bit of time with Nathan, I came to understand why Nathan’s parents are so proud of him: he’s strong, intelligent, and respectful. This young man has the future at his fingertips. With his incredible work ethic, positive attitude and sweet demeanor, he's going to be wildly successful.

Nathan has worked exceptionally hard throughout his high school career, balancing coursework at Aurora Christian with his football training and activities.

As is the case for exceptional athletes, Nathan’s journey included sacrifice, lessons learned and the sweet feeling of goals achieved.

His years of hard work are paying off, and he’s looking forward to the next level of competition... at Drake University!

Nathan has committed to play football at NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision school, Drake University! His excellence in school and on the field has earned him a place as a student athlete at one of the finest Midwestern universities. I am certain that he will gain the hearts and respect of his fellow students, as well as coaches and professors.

Go Bulldogs and go Nathan!

High School Senior Portraits for Young Adults with Passions and Talents

I was honored to capture this moment in time for this elite athlete. I believe that the key to a successful senior photo shoot is to embrace who they are and lean in to their passions. For Nathan, this is obviously football.

Seniors come to me with all sorts of interests and talents. From dancing to baseball, legos to chess, science to fashion, their diverse talents are a constant inspiration. When choosing a photographer for high school senior portraits, consider the things that make the senior unique; this will help steer the session in terms of wardrobe, location, mood and style.

In order to get the best photo - the photo that both the senior and their loved ones will cherish forever - I hold sessions in my Maple Park, IL studio as well as out in the world. In Nathan’s case we headed to the football field, but I’ve also walked the grounds of family wineries on a fall day and took photos in the freshly fallen snow. I’ve captured high school seniors in their cool new car, with their feet in the water and hovering above their skateboard. It’s all about the perfect shots and the memory of this time captured forever.

You’re welcome to share these photos on your own social media account! If you’re interested in senior photography or another type of session, send Michelle Conklin Photography a note.



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