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Nicholas’ Basketball-Focused Senior Session

Nicholas is graduating Burlington Central High School and is headed to Lawrence University in the fall. We were granted an amazing opportunity to take photos in the main gym; a perfect setting for Nicholas, who has played basketball since he was little.

The venue allowed us to capture images from so many different points of view. The school colors, banners and court could not have been a more perfect place to take photos of Nicholas, a talented athlete.

The large gym made for some dramatic photos celebrating the sport he loves in the gym where he’s spent so much of his high school career.

The large space allowed Nicholas to show off his moves and memorialize this time in his basketball career forever.

His time in the gym has been well spent! He’s a talented basketball player who will continue playing basketball in college.

Nicholas has worked hard during his school and basketball career and I’m so ready to see what his future holds!

In honor of Nicholas’ next step as a Lawrence University student athlete, he chose his new school color - blue - for his wardrobe for some sophisticated portraits. A Lawrence Basketball sweatshirt was another natural wardrobe choice!

Good luck at Lawrence University, Nicholas! Your hard work, talent and dedication will get you far!



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