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Owen’s Football Senior Pictures Session

Owen is a hard-working, dedicated football player graduating from Aurora Christian Schools in the spring. This session was extra special for me because I’ve known Owen since he was young, and I was even one of his preschool Teacher Assistants! It has been such a joy to see him grow into the hardworking individual he is today, and getting to capture such a special time in his life was the icing on the cake.  

Capturing football senior pictures is something that was both important and meaningful to Owen. Football has been an impactful part of his life from a young age, and he has spent numerous hours on the field honing his skills. His hard work has truly paid off as he’s been recently recognized by the IHSFCA Class 1A, All-State Team for the 2023 Season. Getting to capture football senior pictures felt like an amazing way to celebrate all he’s accomplished. 

As we ventured through the field and stadium, it was clear how many memories Owen had made there during his time at Aurora Christian Schools. His football senior pictures will serve to document those memories for Owen and his family to enjoy for years to come. 

Part of Owen’s session brought us outdoors to enjoy the amazing fall colors and crisp air. Owen chose a baby blue quarter zip that popped wonderfully against the dark wood of the barn and fence. 

Our time at the barn gave us the ability to showcase more of Owen’s personality and style. His incredibly fun, vibrant spirit shines through in all of his images. Owen was a natural in front of the camera, and effortlessly took on a variety of poses. 

Our images at the white barn allowed us to juxtapose Owen’s love for football with a few casual, relaxed images. I love bringing together multiple images to create a unified work of art. The white barn tends to be a favorite for seniors for this very reason: we can show off so much of what makes each senior uniquely themselves in just one image! 

Owen’s casual outfit showed off another side of his personality. It was a joy to get to know Owen more throughout our session, especially having known him when he was young. I love getting to experience full-circle moments like these in my career, it is truly a privilege. 

We decided to include a large Box Art piece in Owen’s session, which was perfect given his many passions. From golf to fishing to football, we captured it all! His vibrant style and personality are showcased wonderfully. I invite you to look closely at the image, the details are incredibly fun and undoubtedly will help you get to know Owen further! 

Part of our session took place in the studio, where Owen donned a classy gray and purple suit. This professional look alludes to the bright future ahead of him at Quincy University, where he has committed to play football and pursue his academic career. 

The football senior pictures we captured in the studio highlight Owen’s athleticism and skills. We had a blast capturing him in action doing what he loves. 

All in all, we created an incredible collection of images showcasing Owen’s personality and passions that he and his family will be able to treasure for a lifetime. Capturing such an important time in this joyful, dedicated senior’s life was an honor, one that I don’t take for granted. 

Thank you, Owen, for the pleasure of getting to know you and creating a wonderful gallery of images together. I wish you all the best as you venture to Quincy University and beyond. Congratulations on graduating! 

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