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Abby: Captivating Images for a Stunning Graduate

Meet Abby, a 2024 senior who will be graduating in the spring from Glenbard North High School, and pursuing a career in interior design. Abby is a talented GBN Dance Team Captain and a dedicated marching band member. She brought her vibrant personality and joy to every moment during our session. 

The day of our session granted us beautiful fall weather and stunningly vibrant colors. Abby’s sweet smile was a highlight of our time together, and she was an absolute natural in front of the camera. It was a joy to see her flourish during our session. 

We were lucky enough to have Abby’s darling dog, Finn, along for the session! She was all smiles, and it was evident how much of a bond she and Abby share. Those two were just adorable together and we captured some truly heartwarming moments. I love when seniors bring pets because they are such a special part of our lives, it only makes sense to capture them too! 

During our session, we explored the beautiful fall scenery and took advantage of the incredible foliage by using it as a natural backdrop. Abby looked absolutely angelic in the soft autumn light.


In the studio, we captured some classy images that highlighted Abby in a sophisticated outfit that was special to her from a shopping trip with her mom earlier this year in New York City. This gorgeous yet sentimental outfit both adds an incredibly meaningful element of time spent traveling with her mom, as well as showing off Abby’s incredible sense of style. Not only that, but the powerful, professional images we captured hint at her future in interior design. 

Part of our session took place at the Boathouse in Batavia, a magical location that has a simple charm about it. Abby, wearing a stunning green dress, effortlessly stood out against the wooden construction of the Boathouse. The contrasting colors created a visually striking backdrop, highlighting Abby's natural beauty and the vibrancy of the moment. The location prompted a variety of poses from sitting to standing, which Abby pulled off effortlessly. 

Dance has been a huge part of Abby’s life from a young age, so we made sure to capture a wide variety of dance images to both celebrate the role that it has played in her life, and her achievements as a dance team captain. We started off in her dance team uniform to do just that. The studio lighting illuminated her gorgeous blond hair and stunning hazel eyes, and added a touch of drama and whimsy to the shots. 

As our session continued, the studio became a stage to show off Abby’s talent. Her athleticism and grace were so evident both in the studio, and in the final images. It was so special to be able to photograph her doing something she has poured years of dedication and time into.

Her dance experience coupled with her genuine charm meant she was a natural in front of the camera, and we had so much fun collaborating and creating these shots together. Because dance is so artistically and athletically creative, it is so fun to capture with my lens. 

In the final part of our session, the White Room became a backdrop for whimsical, bright, airy dance portraits of Abby. She has such a beautiful grace about her, and it was such a joy to capture it! 

It was a pleasure spending time with Abby and creating a gallery that will be cherished for years to come. The images serve as a visual narrative of a remarkable senior ready to embark on her journey into the world of interior design. Congratulations on graduating, Abby, and I wish you all the best! 

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