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Zach's Unforgettable Senior Year Photos

As the final chapter of high school unfolds, it's only fitting to commemorate the journey with senior year photos. I recently had the honor of photographing Zach, a talented baseball player with a passion for wakeboarding who will be graduating from Kaneland High School in the spring. 

In the fall, Zach will be heading to Elmhurst University and will be catching for their baseball team. His dedication and hard work in the sport was so evident; it only made sense that we featured his talents throughout our session. 

Zach had a casual, effortless style that brought out his personality wonderfully. I love when seniors bring outfits to their senior year photos that show off sides of their personality you might not normally see  - and for Zach, that was a fun Hawaiian shirt (reminiscent of his love for wakeboarding).

Part of Zach’s senior photo session unfolded at the Kaneland High School Varsity Baseball field – a place filled with memories of tons of practice and triumphant victories. This location served as the perfect stage to showcase Zach's passion for baseball and the countless hours he has spent honing his skills. The images captured here not only celebrated his high school achievements but also hinted at the exciting journey ahead at Elmhurst University.

Zach wore his Kaneland High School jersey to showcase his school pride. We captured a ton of fun shots, from the dugout to the catcher's box, where Zach has spent hours perfecting his craft. The beautiful lighting illuminated the green field and blue sky in a gorgeous harmony that brought so much life to the images.

Incorporating elements of his family's business, KMZ Bats, added a personal touch to the studio session. Zach proudly posed with some of his favorite custom bats crafted by his father, both on the field and in our studio sessions.

Zach brought his graduation cap and gown to the baseball field, which created a visual story of a hardworking senior, both on the field and in the classroom. One of my favorite things about senior year photos is celebrating all the accomplishments that the seniors have made, whether that be in school, sports and activities, or personal accomplishments. 

Our session also led us to the studio, where Zach donned a classy outfit that showed his sophistication and more serious side.  I love when seniors opt to take a few formal shots during their senior year photos, as it is a simple yet special way to celebrate their accomplishments. 

In the studio, Zach also brought out his baseball gear so we could capture some stunning and dramatic shots. The studio lighting illuminated his love for and dedication to his sport - you can see the passion in his eyes. 

A variety of different backgrounds in the studio allowed for a wide range of shots - from classy to serious to joyful. No matter the background or gear, Zach’s personality shone through! 

The baseball images we created together show off his athleticism and skill. It was an honor to photograph Zach with baseball bats from his family business - what a special and personal addition to his senior year photos. 

Our session resulted in a robust album filled with images that show an incredible senior on the cusp of a new chapter. It is an incredible treasure to be able to share with family and friends as Zach begins his journey at Elmhurst University.

Zach was a joy to photograph and knowing him for many years made the session truly meaningful. I wish him the very best as he continues his baseball and academic career and look forward to seeing him on the KHS Baseball field and at Elmhurst University. Congratulations, Zach!

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